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Silver Jewelry Processing Technology

Sep 11, 2018

1. Ukrainian silver mosaic technology

    This is an alloy decoration technique used only for silver. This technique is widely used in the Middle East, Russia, and Thailand. Ukrainian jewellery is made of enamel or engraved silver design, and then filled with pure black copper, silver and lead alloy in the pattern, polished to reveal the silver pattern, black and white contrast is strong, showing a twelve-point atmosphere dignified.

2, the melting method

    This method is more common in Europe and is only used for silver production. The method utilizes the physical properties of uniform and rapid thermal conductivity of silver to be blown by fire, and the thin silver piece is heated to the moment of melting, and the heat source is removed, and a uniform wrinkle is generated on the silver piece. Jewelry made from this material has a strong decorative effect and a natural charm. This method is completely useless on gold, because the thermal conductivity of gold is poor and can not produce wrinkle effect. There are also some drops-like effects of the ornaments, made with silver is far better than gold, very charming.

3, engraving technology

    The ancient techniques of gold and silver processing common in China and abroad. Make the gold and silver hammer thin, then use the scorpion to pull out the effect of the relief, or smash the rich ornamentation. In general, the larger the area, the more effective the effect is. Although we also commonly use enamel gold ornaments, they are mostly small and simple. The advantage of using silver is that the size and volume of the jewelry are large, so that there are more patterns and decorations, and there is more appreciation value.

    The processing technology of silver jewelry, silver jewelry is used in human society earlier and most popular, and its processing technology is also rich and diverse, and has unique features.

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