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The Cleaning Skill Of Silver Bracelet

Oct 26, 2017

Wearing a silver bracelet is not only good for your body, but also a nice ornament. But how do you choose a silver bracelet that suits you? You can use the following steps to select the best accessory for yourself, so try it.

1 First observe your wrist weight:

The wearer of the silver bracelet prefers a slender, arm-long female friend, with less selectivity to the plump friend of the arm, Silver Bracelet and a beautiful English. But now a lot of enlarged and widened sterling silver bracelet is very good news for more plump friends.

2 Select the number of silver bracelets to wear:

If you wear only one silver bracelet, you should wear it on your left hand, and if you wear two, you can wear one on each hand, or on your left, if you wear three, you should wear it on your left hand (of course, the silver bracelet should be carefully selected).

3 Selected silver bracelets and other accessories:

If wearing silver bracelet, then the corresponding ring can also choose silver, Silver Bracelet as far as possible in the style, material, color and other aspects of coordination and unity.

4 Select the inner diameter of silver bracelet:

In the selection of sterling silver bracelet must consider the size of the inner diameter, Silver Bracelet can not be too tight lead to the silver bracelet can not rotate affect blood circulation, to rotate 180° not to turn over, also can not choose too large, resulting in silver bracelets rotate freely.

Selected sterling silver bracelet size to their comfort to achieve the best, for skin-sensitive friends to choose the best purity of silver jewelry.

The easiest way to clean a silver bracelet

Silver bracelet, wearing a long time, will slowly darken. How to clean it? In addition to letting professionals help with cleaning, Silver Bracelet we can clean ourselves.

Here are some of the easiest ways to clean.

1. Use toothpaste.

First, the silver bracelet will be washed with water, the silver bracelet completely soaked.

After soaking the silver bracelet, squeeze the toothpaste right into the silver bracelet that you want to clean,

Then wash the silver bracelet with a soft brush. And then Rinse the toothpaste foam on the silver bracelet with water and wipe it with cotton or towel.

The silver bracelet will be as clean as the new one.

2. Soak with Cola. We can soak the silver bracelet into a cola, Silver Bracelet soak it for a while and then rinse it. This method is more suitable for those who outline patterns, such as more, brush less, not very good brushing silver bracelet.