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The Necklace Makes The Bride Look More Attractive

Oct 26, 2017

How do you choose the necklace? below to introduce you to choose the six principles of necklace, we can refer to!

One, according to the wedding style to choose

With the development of the times, a lot of photography studios will be free of charge for the wedding day for all brides. New people in the choice of wedding dress should also try to consider their purchase of necklace style and wedding dress matching and coordination. Necklace Only a reasonable match can make the bride look more attractive.

Second, according to the Bride Face choice

The bride's face is different from the necklace of choice. If the bride's face is face, this time to choose the necklace will be consciously shorten the length of the necklace, let the necklace to adjust the face. If the bride with a rounded face is able to lengthen the necklace a little longer, Necklace the bride's face will be lengthened. Or add a pendant to the necklace, which will give the bride a better face.

III. Choose necklace according to skin color

The skin is whiter than the bride's words to choose a wide range, can be based on the previous love to provide some advice to select the necklace. But for some black-skinned brides, we will try to choose some pearls for the material of the necklace is more appropriate, because the noble atmosphere of the pearl to a large extent to cover the lack of the bride's skin color, so the pearl necklace is the bride's choice Oh.

Four, according to own neck characteristic

Buy Necklace Style bride's neck features require special attention, to know the diamond necklace is more important is to modify the effect, play the role of insufficient, so everyone in the purchase of wedding diamond necklace style More need to pay attention to the neck collocation, such as the long neck of the bride should choose the size of large and short necklace, in the visual shortening neck length. And the short neck of the bride can choose small and long beads of the necklace. Necklace The bride with a thick neck needs a necklace with a long specification, whereas the other is shorter.

Consider the price of necklace

The necklace is of various styles and the price is uneven. Choose the price of the necklace depends on the personal preferences and economic ability to decide. Diamond necklace is the most expensive, other materials such as Platinum most stable is not easy to fade, and the hardness of large, not deformed, Necklace but the price is relatively expensive. Platinum + Diamond is the most in choice, whether it be with a diamond ring or diamond necklace. K Platinum, PD Palladium gold is also a good choice, as long as the maintenance of proper, Necklace these materials diamond necklace can highlight your beautiful and elegant demeanor.

VI. Considerations

If you decide to buy the material of the diamond necklace, the price of the necklace is determined mainly by the diamond. Other necklaces are determined by the craftsmanship and brand value. And online shopping is a good choice, like in Davigny, the same style of necklaces, only about half the price can buy your favorite necklace. In fact, Necklace the scene of the wedding day is more chaotic, it is easy because of their negligence caused the necklace lost or damaged the situation appears.