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The Variety Of The Craft Of Silver Pendant

Oct 26, 2017

Silver pendant is made of a variety of silver ornaments, silver for one of the precious metals, silver, silvery pendants using a variety of processing technology, processed into a wide variety of silver pendants, basically divided into earrings, neck ornaments, hand ornaments, Silver Pendant foot ornaments and clothing 5 categories. Wearing silver pendant elegant noble, and the appreciation of space and a very strong value-store function, so popular!

Silver Pendant has a strong bactericidal effect, it is very good for human body. It not only has economic value, beautiful and generous, but also can do testing tools, the ancients said that the body with silver health and prosperity will be accompanied, not only because of its precious metals, medicine, Silver Pendant it than gold on the human health efficiency is higher. Silver can be used to detect whether food is poisonous, because silver reacts with many toxins to make silver black and easy to identify with the unaided eye.

Maintenance method of silver Pendant

Many people like silver pendants, but do not know how to maintain it, and even think that the silver pendant is very difficult to maintain, the fact is not. After knowing why the silver pendant turned black, we only need to spend some time in our daily life to make our own silver pendants as new as we can.

1, silver pendants do not wear when you want to clean again, preferably with closed mouth bag good, to prevent oxidation to black. If the wearer sweats more, Silver Pendant you can wipe the surface with a soft cloth every day to keep the luster and remove dirt. The silver pendant on the surface plating Platinum is best to use a special wipe silver cloth, the silver cloth can be bought in [1] silver pendant brand shop. Note: The silver cloth contains the maintenance ingredient and cannot be washed.

2, no plating platinum silver pendants, daily cleaning more can be done, such as squeeze point toothpaste, add water, with soft cloth scrub, the gap can be used to brush the teeth clean, Silver Pendant and then rinse with water can be. (Inlaid with gems of silver pendants can not be stained with water, so as to avoid the impact of water on the fastness of adhesive, preferably by professional cleaning shop)

3, silver pendant technology variety, maintenance methods are not the same, can not be generalize, for a lot of online maintenance methods can only be used as a reference, Silver Pendant it is best to inquire about professional stores, lest their improper operation, causing the beloved silver pendant damaged.

4, including exquisite and stereo sculpture of the silver pendant, avoid deliberately wipe the light. If the silver pendant is found to become yellow signs, should first use the Jewelry brush clean silver pendants fine seam, and then wipe the surface with a swab of silver cloth, Silver Pendant silver pendants can let silver pendants restore the original white and bright. In this proposal: if the use of silver swab can restore about 80% of the white condition, there is no need to use silver swab and wash silver water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver pendants in the use of these products, will become more easily yellow. The silver cloth contains the silver maintenance ingredient and cannot be washed.

5, if usually after wearing no silver pendants for processing and collection, it is very likely to make silver black. At this time should use jewelry small brush cleaning jewelry fine seam, and then wipe silver milk drops on the surface of paper, silver pendant surface black oxide wiped away, and then with the silver cloth to restore the original luster jewelry. Then remember to do the general maintenance of day-to-day, Silver Pendant to avoid silver pendants again black, silver pendants After many times black will be difficult to wipe white.

The meaning of wearing the silver Pendant

1, wearing silver beans pendant: Beans in the oriental culture called "Fu Dou", can homophonic as: "Longevity", meaning for happiness and well-being, longevity, is the younger generation of the wishes and prayers of elders. "Beans" and "bloom" clever fit, meaning for the full bloom, vibrant, is the community of young men and women hope, parents of children's expectations.

2, wearing silver Pixiu pendant has the role of the Zhen evil spirits. Silver Pendant Will have been the Pixiu placed in the home, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, drive away evil, have the effect of the house, become the Guardian God, family security.

3, wearing silver wealth pendant, have wealth meaning. Mammon is also a Chinese god of worship, whether it is business giant Jia, or street business people, everywhere to visit the shadow of the Mammon. Gentleman Love Money, take the Youdao, wearing the wealth of God can improve their wealth, at the same time can constantly remind their legitimate business.

4, wearing the silver birthday of the old pendant, there is a moral longevity. Silver Pendant This is the most common theme in old people's jewelry, the birthday man with his amiable face, energetic posture, especially by the elderly welcome. Wear the birthday of the old silver pendant, Silver Pendant longevity and health forever.